With more than twenty years of combined experience in the research charity sector, we really understand your passion for progress and the challenges of communicating science to supporters and the wider public.

If you’re struggling to find the time to generate high-quality science-led content, write press releases, re-write your website or grow your social media presence, we can help you out.

And we’re right here if you’re looking for new strategic insights and ideas for how to tell your stories to the world.


  • Communications and content strategy
  • Online and print content – web copy, brochures, reports and reviews…
  • Content marketing – blog and social media posts, e-newsletters…
  • Podcasts and other audio/video content
  • Social media content and management
  • Press releases and briefings
  • Science communication skills training – writing, public speaking, storytelling, podcasting, hands-on demos and more…


We teamed up with The Genetics Society to launch Genetics Unzipped – a fortnightly podcast telling stories from the world of genes, genomes and DNA. We also created fun visual content for two of the Society’s online social media campaigns – #Genuary and #Junome.

We created short videos and podcasts for the Galton Institute’s 2018 and 2019 annual research symposia, extending the reach of the meeting to thousands of people around the world.

And we have also produced reports, scientific publications and online content for universities and charities, including Cancer Research UK’s Mutographs of Cancer Grand Challenge, and the Physics of Life network.

“The Genetics Society is delighted with Genetics Unzipped. The podcast is always fascinating, as well as being informal and entertaining, and, most important for us, always gets the science spot-on. It strongly supports the science communication and engagement goals of the Society.”

Professor Alison Woollard
Vice-President Public Understanding of Genetics, The Genetics Society

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