Innovate UK, the UK’s national innovation agency, aims to improve patients’ lives by supporting pioneering projects in the life sciences sector. Specifically, their flagship grant-funding programme, Biomedical Catalyst, enables small- and medium-sized enterprises to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow.

Due to low awareness of the scheme, Innovate UK was not receiving as many applications for their Biomedical Catalyst grants as the programme warranted. They came to us for help improving their reach within the bioinnovation ecosystem and increasing interest in the funding scheme.


First Create The Media produced a series of videos to showcase success stories from previous grant recipients, provide information about the scheme’s benefits and the application process, and celebrate the impact of the Biomedical Catalyst funding on the wider UK life sciences sector. 

The videos spotlight three companies’ innovative approaches to solving healthcare challenges, the financial as well as strategic support they have received from Innovate UK, and how their Biomedical Catalyst grant helped turn innovative solutions into reality.

As well as careful attention to narrative and messaging, the project required a complex schedule of on-location interviews, filming across the country with our video production partner, Cambridge Filmworks.

All-inclusive Service

We provided end-to-end production services, from storytelling direction and scripting to multiple on-location interviews and seamless project management.

We worked collaboratively with our hand-picked partner agency Cambridge Filmworks to deliver high-quality visuals, while still providing a single point of contact for Innovate UK.


Storytelling process

Prior to filming, First Create The Media led a narrative development workshop with Innovate UK to nail down the key messaging points for the videos.

We then took that knowledge into the on-camera interviews, asking each speaker the best questions to convey the story that Innovate UK wanted to tell.


Targeted messaging

Different video edits were optimised for specific audiences and distribution channels.

This included short form clips for social media, a longer case study-style video for Innovate UK’s own website and a condensed edit targeted at potential applicants, to be shared at events such as conferences.


Going beyond

We provided Innovate UK with additional B-roll footage from our on-location filming to continue supporting their visual output beyond the completion of this project.



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